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Dr. Regina Firantienė-Aleknavičiūtė

Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Clinic of Children’s Diseases Senior Research Fellow



Regina Firantiene graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Chemistry, biochemistry  specialty. In 1971-1985, she worked at the Scientific Research Institute of Enzimology, after reorganization – Scientific Production Association “Fermentas” as a junior research fellow. In 1981, Firantiene defended doctor’ s degree of Natural sciences (PhD) at Scientific Research A.N.Bach name Institute of Biochemistry, USSR Science Academy (Moscow). The PhD thesis: „The investigations of enzyme endo-1,3-1,4-β-glucanase from Bacillus subtilis“. In 1985-1991, she worked as a senior research fellow at the section of Biochemistry at the Mother and Child Health Scientific Research Institute (Vilnius, Lithuania). After institute eradication, in 1991-1997, Firantiene worked as a chief of Scientific Research Laboratory at Vilnius Hospital of Children. In 1998-2002, she worked as a chief-senior scientific worker of Scientific Research Laboratory of Pediatric Centre at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine. Since 2002, when the Faculty of Medicine was reorganized, she has been working at Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Clinic of Children’s Diseases as a senior research fellow. Her part-time: from 1996 to 2002, she was a senior research worker at Institute of Immunology (Vilnius, Lithuania), sector Bioassay and  Immunoanalysis; in 2006 – docent at Vilnius College Faculty of Design and Technology; since 2007 – docent at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Faculty of Fundamental Sciences, Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering.

In 1988-1990, Firantiene graduated from Institute of Patent (Vilnius, Lithuania). In 1989, Firantiene was awarded the scientific title of senior research fellow. In 2006, Firantiene had lecturer’s activity at the Clinic of Children’s Diseases  for doctors at Postgraduate education courses. In 2006 – the course „Protein purification“ for students at Faculty of Design and Technology, Vilnius College; since 2007 – the course „Fundamentals of Biochemistry“ for IIIrd year bioengineering specialty students at Faculty of Fundamental Sciences, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Since 2000, Firantiene is the member of Lithuanian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology.

Firantiene’ research interest are in the field of biochemical and immunological changes in organisms; laboratory diagnostics; allergology and clinical immunology. In 1993, she (with co-authors) was awarded the scientific work ”Differentiation of proteinuria with electrophoresis and densitometry methods“ introduction into practice from Society of Vilnius Medicine.

Firantiene participated and was the member of coordination council of the High Tech programme project “Role of rhinoviruses in the pathogenesis of allergic diseases: investigations and diagnostics” (2008–2010), supported by the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation and carried out with partners from the Institute of Biotechnology and Institute of Botanics.

Together with co-authors Firantiene has published 142 scientific publications, including 1 book, 4 copyright claimed articles, other publications both in lithuanian and international scientific journals.


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