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Centre of Pediatrics

About the Centre:
Centre provides secondary and tertiary level services. Renal, rheumatic and heart diseases, children with somatic problems are treated using modern techniques. First Children’s sleep disorders laboratory was established in a neurology department (in the Paediatric Centre) in 2009.
Children’s neurological diseases, development disorders and mental illness are treated in this department too.
About 2 thousand patients per year are admitted to our infection disease department. Information about rotavirus is collected for EuroRotaNet in the department.

Education and Training activities:
Centre of Pediatrics has a biggest number of medicine doctors: prof. habil. dr. Vytautas Usonis, prof. Augustina Jankauskienė, assoc. prof. Rimantė Čerkauskienė, assoc. prof. Violeta Panavienė, assoc. prof. Vaidotas Urbonas, dr. Jurgita Grikinienė, M.D. Robertas Kemežys.

Physicians are preparing academic work, writing science articles, participating in national and international scientific conferences, fellowships abroad.

This Centre has four Departments:
• Children’s infectious disease Department
• Children’s gastroenterology Department
• Department of Paediatrics
• Children’s neurology Department

The personnel of the Centre of Pediatrics:
Head of the Centre dr. Augustina Jankauskienė;
Head of the neurology Department dr Jurgita Grikinienė;
Head of the gastroenterology Department Irena Ališauskienė;
Head of the infectious disease Department dr. Inga Ivaškevičienė
Assoc. prof. dr. Vaidotas Urbonas
Assoc. prof. Robertas Kemežys

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