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Centre of Neonatology

About the Centre:

Neonatology Clinic (Neonatology Centre now) was established in 1991. The first head of the Clinic was professor, habilitated doctor Vytautas Basys, 2003-2015  head of the centre was Dr. Nijolė Drazdienė, since 2015 the head is dr. Arūnas Liubšys.

Patients from all Lithuanian cities are coming to our Centre. Special transport team is carrying newborns to our hospital. The hospital has modern specially equipped transport from charity “LNK day of goodness” in 2006.

This centre is carrying out treatment, consulting, pedagogical and science activity.
In the Centre is given emergency help for newborns. All analyses are available there. High qualification neonatologists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, child development and other specialists are consulting and treating patients.

Neonatology Centre’s doors are open for all Lithuanian newborns and parents in all day time.

Education and Training activities:

Neonatology centre’s scientific research areas are foetal and newborn cardiology, intensive therapy of newborn and more.
Centre has three doctors with doctor‘s degree: doc. dr. Nijolė Drazdienė defended a dissertation „Adaptation of newborn heart activity“(1994), dr. Arūnas Liubšys – „ Feeding through probe in newborn intensive therapy“(1987), dr. Ramunė Vankevičienė „Foetus heart ultrasound parameter in norm and pathology at“(2002).

Centre‘s employee improve professional skills, organize and are present at International, Lithuanian science conferences.
Vilnius University Medical students and Vilnius college students are learning in the Centre of Neonatology.

This Centre has four Departments:
• Newborn out-patient consulting Department
• Full term newborn Department
• Premature newborn Department
• Newborn intensive therapy Department

The personnel of the Centre of Neonatology:

Dr. Ramunė Vankevičienė

Prof. Nijolė Drazdienė


Head of the Centre dr. Arūnas Liubšys

Tel: +370 5 272 0581

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